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Receive instant access to the first 3 chapters of my new book Allowing God.
These insights will inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul.

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Insights to inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul

This is Your Time to Thrive

Allowing God is an invitation to wholeness–an invitation to thrive with everything that makes you who you are.

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"I read the entire book in one sitting..."

I have begun a personal development journey that has taken me out of the shadows and into the light, figuratively speaking, where each step is like climbing a mountain and each step is making me stronger and allowing my mind to become peaceful and quiet.

My journey started recently with the will-power to change my life and the first book I read was "Allowing God". I read the entire book in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. It shed light on my belief structures and why I needed to develop new perspectives and beliefs. I am a grateful to you for being a positive influence in my life.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You!

Thank you,

Ray Solomon (Mesa, AZ)

As you read this book windows of your soul will open and your spirit will experience freedom.

In this book you’ll discover treasures that in a most gentle way will penetrate your heart and remind you that God is breathing through us. Woo Du -An and Robert Novak helps us to let go of the beliefs that we are separate from God and glide into the reality that we are part of the grand consciousness of spirit. As you read this book windows of your soul will open and your spirit will experience freedom.

– Agapi Stassinopoulos Author of Unbinding The Heart
A dose of Greek wisdom generosity and unconditional love

Gently guiding readers Home from whatever they might be experiencing to the Compassion, Joy, and Loving of the Authentic Self.

This collection of brief yet moving stories shines the Light of Love on the process of Spiritual Awakening in a beautiful, deeply personal, and inspiring way—gently guiding readers Home from whatever they might be experiencing to the Compassion, Joy, and Loving of the Authentic Self.

– Drs. H. Ronald and Mary R. Hulnick, Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology
Co-Directors and Founding Faculty of University of Santa Monica Programs in Spiritual Psychology

"Illuminating words shine a wonderfully loving light directly on the path back to who we already are..."

Allowing God is a masterfully simple book that encourages readers to let go demands that our circumstances should be different in order to experience God, love or freedom. Woo and Novak’s gentle writings are potent reminders that God is already present with us.

These illuminating words shine a wonderfully loving light directly on the path back to who we already are, and the most well hidden yet obvious truth around—God Is.

Russell Bishop
Editorial Director, Huffington Post
Author of GPS for the Soul

James Twyman,
NY Times Bestselling Author and Peace Troubadour

"Allowing God is like having a series of meaningful and intimate conversations with an experienced, wise, funny, loving and quietly shining companion"

This is a book I want to keep close at hand, and I know you’ll find it as valuable as I did.

Journey with Us in 2 Steps

STEP:1 Get Your Copy of the Book Today

Reading Allowing God is like having a series of meaningful and intimate conversations with a very experienced, loving, wise, funny and quietly shining companion.

Allowing God is an offering of experiences and insights to help you abide and learn through challenging times with healing and creativity until new life appears. Within these reflections upon life and spirit, you will find moments of recognition, of clarity, of companionship.

Each chapter is a journey of understanding and blessing a basic component of life.

Allowing God is a classic and timeless guide to help you observe and direct your life with wisdom and compassion.

Meet Author Woo Du-An

I was born in 1950 in Taipei, Taiwan. When I was three, I moved with my family to Berkeley, California. I now live in the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by a variety of friends—human, animal, plant and mineral. I’m a member of the Aspen Writers Foundation and I faithfully attend the masterful music performances at the Aspen Music Festival with awe and wonder.

I was named at birth by a naming astrologer, a pre-communist Chinese tradition. One poetic translation of my Chinese name, Woo Du-An, is “Harmony within War and Peace.” The name would be prophetic. The nature of my work is to help people find “harmony within war and peace.” Harmony allows healing. Under the artist name of Rob Whitesides-Woo, I literally created harmony as a recording artist, producer, teacher and creative mentor, with nine albums and over 200 film scores to my credit. As a recording artist I have charted in the top fifteen on Billboard

Currently I work as a shaman, healer and spiritual teacher, privately by phone and at my tiny sanctuary in the mountains. I have an international practice. In recent years, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with veterans dealing with combat PTSD. The experience has humbled and informed me in every area of life.

My work with people involves many modalities: chi and energy healing; remote healing; insightful perception and conversation within a field of unconditional caring, kindness and love; and when appropriate, as a shaman, I will enter non- ordinary reality and share the body and memories of those I work with, sometimes acting as a conduit to bring forward intermediary helpers to soothe, balance and heal the wounded places.

I studied and practiced for many years in the arenas of world religions, Chi Kung, internal martial arts, meditative and healing practices, spiritual, shamanic and Jungian psychology. I have a Masters in Theology from Peace Theological Seminary and a BFA in music composition from the California Institute of the Arts. In my obnoxiously rebellious late teens, I was one of twelve students selected to study privately under the renowned poet, Denise Levertov. Denise Levertov strongly encouraged me to write, advice I ignored for forty-three years in favor of writing music.

However, my long career in music ultimately led to the writing of Allowing God. My passion as a musician, composer and teacher was to create art that would inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of the soul. The opportunity and honor of being asked to participate in the writing of Allowing God has been a transmutational experience for me. In the process of writing the book, everything I have learned, not only from the creative process, but also from relationship, caring for loved ones, spiritual and meditative practice, martial arts and the study of eastern and western healing modalities...all became lessons of insight, compassion, humility, and best of all, loving and caring.

I want to give voice to the love that sings us through life. I hope that the music of the soul accompanies these words in Allowing God.

Meet Author Robert Novak

I had a successful, traditional career in business as an executive Director of Accounting and Finance. After my wife’s passing, my life drastically changed and my journey of transformation began. I was led to learn and experience many modalities of transformation. During that time in 2009, I met medical intuitive and mystic Caroline Myss. Upon the first meeting, Caroline turned to me and asked, “Are you a teacher?” Stunned, shocked and feeling totally naked and exposed, I sheepishly responded, “Yes.” Caroline intuitively saw me as a teacher. This was a defining moment in my life.

I grew up with strong family and religious traditions. There was limited exposure to anything else outside of this structure. My faith was strong. Once I was on his own after college, I began to pray, “Jesus teach me so I can teach.” Knowingly having the guiding presence and support of the Christ, I allowed myself to be led to places outside of the defined structures where I was told evil existed. The result…I saw and discovered God more. And so, I lead people to know God and themselves more.

Since 2008, I have attained certifications in a variety of transformational methods. I am a certified Yuen Method Master. I use and teach the Yeun Method in my sessions. This is because it is the most effective in achieving immediate results in any area of life and it is the one that directs people to become their own self-expert.

Other certifications: Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Reiki Master, The Journey, Conscious Company Leadership, Angel Card Reader, TantraNova, Akashic Record Consultant and Initiate High Priest. During this time I also opened to being a spiritual healer, a channeled healer and a shamanic healer.

My vast experiences in transformational methods and my religious upbringing gives him an extensive understanding of how to usher any life to individual breakthroughs and continually increasing fulfillment in this physical universe.

STEP:2 Join Us for the Allowing God Gatherings


Robert Novak and Woo Du-An, the authors of Allowing God, will be offering hour long live webinars twice a month.

Each webinar will be focused on a theme taken from a chapter in the book.

The webinars will have a short discussion on the topic, question and answers, and guided meditation and prayer.

The Journey of Life Gathering webinars will be held on line and via telephone.

All Gatherings will be recorded.

Our gatherings will include:

   Exploring the meaning of the chapters with in-depth discussion

   Answering listener questions

  Sharing and teaching from inspiring Allowing God stories

   One-on-One interactive consultations 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month

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