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Your body is a computer, a biological computer.

Your bio-computer follows the same binary principle as the modern day computer. The microchips that run our computers are comprised of thousands of tiny switches, each one programmed with the binary coding of 1 or 0, each one turned either on or off.

The binary principle means that there are only two choices to be made on any condition. And every conceivable human function is expressed the same way... only two choices...a 1 or 0, on or off, strong or weak.

Your health, fitness, prosperity, and relationships are programmed by thousands of tiny switches within you that are either on or off. They are either strong or weak. Things either work or they do not.

Each second your bio-computer processes millions of instructions and bits of information as it monitors and regulates all bodily functions. Your bio-computer records all your experiences. And these experiences are more than just physical experiences. They are multidimensional, multi-level experiences.

Things influencing your binary coding to be weak, or signaling a weakness or indicating something is turned-off, could be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and/or psychic influences. These influences could be something from our ancestors or descendants, something from the collective, cultural or religious influences of humanity, or something from another time or space spanning 100's or 1000's of years.

When you actually start looking at your body as a computer and operating it as such, it can assist you in resolving any problem, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or psychic and stemming from any other influences.

You can change your life programs and improve the potentials of your life in any area of your life by tracking down individual weaknesses and flipping the switch from weak to strong.

Where do you begin? How do you do this?

You allow your bio-computer to give you the answer. Your bio-computer will indicate to you if you are strong to something or weak to something. This indicator is simply an energetic indicator of either strong or weak. You can feel this by using this simple exercise:

1) Get a sense of where your energy is.
2) Say 3 times, "My name is (your first name)."
3) Pause
4) Say 3 times, "My name is (someone else's first name)."
NOTE: When you said your first name three times, your energy should have stayed the same or strong, and when you said someone else's name three times, your energy should have dropped or weakened. This weak signal is what you're looking for to start resolving life problems and change your programs by flipping the switch from weak to strong.

Keep using this simple exercise to become more proficient at feeling strong and weak, and attend Robert's Live Demos and training to experience the application on a broader scale. 

Realize, if you have a weakness, a weak indicator, to something you want to have in your life, then you won't have it in your life until the weak influence is no longer affecting your bio-computer. When your bio-computer indicates a strong signal, then the potential of having it is more likely. You can learn to flip the switch from weak to strong and change the potentials of your life. Join the Improve the Potentials of Your Life Gathering.

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