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Tired of having to fit into someone else's design, your family's, or society's design of who you are supposed to be or to act like? Wouldn't it be nice to actually live and be who you really are and who you came here to be?

At some point in life you want this, and your soul pulls you there, anyways. This can create real conflicts inside and outside of you. What do you do? You align your will with your soul's pull and you start discovering your unique design. After that, you take the necessary measures to live it.

One of the necessary measures to take is to remove the influences keeping you from showing up to live your unique design. These influences can stem from anywhere! It is important to have a method to indicate what truly has a weakening influence on you and needs to be resolved without guesswork. When you actually look at your body being a computer, and learn how to operate it as such, then you can start removing those influences. See my blog, "Your Body is a Computer."

Another necessary measure is to sit. Yes, "Sit." Actually, "Sit with God." This alone will start to redirect your life and get it more aligned. More is explained in my "Sit with God" blog, and you can also download the meditation and get started right now.

To start discovering more about yourself and the life that you came here to live download and read my e-book, "God's Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul's Purposes." Reading this short e-book and doing what it recommends will be the quickest path of getting a handle on some key parts of your individual and unique design.

Doing these 3 things will totally lead to changes in your life...all good! Enjoy!

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  • Allowing God

    Allowing God is an offering of experiences and insights to help you abide and learn through challenging times with healing and creativity until new life appears. Within these reflections upon life and spirit, you will find moments of recognition, of clarity, of companionship.

    Each chapter is a journey of understanding; blessing a basic component of life.

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  • GDC

    God's Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul's Purposes
    Our Creator provided us with means to know our purpose, our personal journey, and how to fully express our true selves.
    Blinded by our own creations, we lost sight of them. The book intends to shed light back on them again so you use them.

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  • IYPP

    Improve Your Physical Potential
    The wisdom and exercises being shared in this document improve your physical potential.
    You came to life for a reason. You have things to do in this physical realm. It’s time to become more capable to do them!
    Doing the quick exercises in this document will improve your fitness, health, longevity, finances, and overall well-being.

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