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Restore Feminine Power

Restore Feminine Power

This is not a battle against men to restore your power, your honor. It is not a battle to stand up for or against something. It is a battle against what lies within you that is unconsciously limiting your power, your abilities, your stature and prominence.

This is a book about restoring something that has been lost, something forgotten, something sacred, which is the true feminine with all its power and abilities

Women have been empowered over the years and it’s now time to blow the door wide open and restore their full potential. The universe is ready for it and it is calling all women to act so restoration to the full feminine can be realized. Prior to the Patriarchal age, women were held in high regards and they were an integral part of a society and culture. They were leaders, warriors, scholars, part of the governing council and they were honored and revered for their divine insights. The power and honor of their abilities need to be restored for all of humanity.



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