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I'm offering 3 special gifts to help you start enjoying the life you were sent here to live.

Gift #1

Free 10 minute 1-on-1 session with Robert valued at over $30.00

Answers to any life problem will be given and improved on in the session. Robert will pinpoint influences limiting and weakening your potential.

Gift #2

Download e-book God's Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul's Purposes.

Normally $5.99, its FREE today. Discover the ways God created for you to know more about your personal journey

Gift #3

Receive instant access to the first 3 chapters of my new book Allowing God.
These insights will inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul.

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Ready for Your Relationships to Flourish?

Join Me in a NEW 5-Week Specific Intention Gathering designed to bring about deeper, more fulfilling, and more secure relationships with friends, family, co-workers and love interests.

Starts March 2, 2017
Meets Thursdays March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th and 16th 7:30 – 9:00 pm Central Time
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Manifest Relationship Renewal, Deepening, and Strengthening

Experience life transformation resulting from greater connection and engagement with those you care for.

So much of our life flows through our relationships…imagine how your life would change if your relationships improved.

1 Month From Today...
1 Year From Today...
5 Years From Today...

Who would you spend more time with? What would you begin to enjoy again? How much lighter would your life be?

Your life will improve as I identify then delete the limitations, blocks and patterns that prevent your relationships from flourishing...

I'll also reserve time during each week's call to work with individuals so everyone benefits from both group and individual insights.

Testimonies from Gathering Participants

Great beginning...YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!! (Received after first session)

OMG Robert, you were spot on this evening. I am so inspired by the way your work has brought me so much closer to God, so much more awakened to the absolute abundance of joy and aliveness in my life. As Joel Osteen put it "these test that I have been going through through for the past 6 month have become my testimony" to the Greatness of God and the people he has put in my path in the new and exciting journey of my life.

Congratulation on an amazingly successful evening.

With that said, l will be looking to make a time for a session time with you to help me with helping me to become a blessing to my daughter during her journey of emotions. I just need to thank you for the blessing that is YOU....for all of us.

Gaby Segura

"Groups and individual sessions has cleared so many things that were blocking myself and my family."

Hello Robert ---

Wow! Just “wow” taking a deep breathe, the last quarter working with you in the weekly groups and individual sessions has cleared so many things that were blocking myself and my family. It has helped me tap into the patterns of my own energy. Helps me as I engage in putting together the aspect of my business.

There are so many things that have transpired so I wanted to write about a few, as I highly recommend your live call, individual sessions, and heading over to your website to discover so much more on my facebook page. These are some of the highlights for me.

In gratitude, stay strong

Lorilei Brogan

He was right / worth every cent / bonus on the spot!

"While working with Robert concerning my employer he noted that I'm strong for what I want to do, but weak to staying employed. Robert worked with me to strengthen me to staying employed. In a meeting the next day he was right and a move was made to separate me from the company by another individual. However, with Robert's work I was able to stay employed, get a new position and a $600 increase in my bonus for 2016 on the spot! Amazing work! I highly recommend working with Robert and participating in his Improve the Potentials of Your Life (IPYL)! It's worth every cent and I'm grateful I met Robert and worked with him!

Jesse, Hobart, IN.

My life has become more blessed and more alive. Thank you Robert!

"Life is full of changes and when one can experience those changes without getting bent out of shape, what a wonderful place life can be. Robert Novak has the qualities and abilities to assist, not only with the changes that inevitably accompany our journey, but also with life itself and takes you to a place where you can experience life more confidently and more fully, not only spiritually but mentally & physically as well."

"Because of Robert Novak, his generous spirit, and the way he uses his amazing gifts, my life has become more blessed and more alive."

Thank you Robert!


Terri Ann (IPYL Gathering Participant)

Helped me push through limits that I have not been able to do on my own.

"It has been a great pleasure to be able to work with Robert Novak! He is an amazing lightworker and healer! He emanates love and compassion."

"Robert has helped me push through limits that I have not been able to do on my own."

"His great passion for helping people and his genuine love of people and of life inspires me to find my passion! While I'm still working on myself and have more to accomplish, I'm having more moments of peace and being fully present! "

Thank you, Robert! I am truly grateful!

Suzanne, NY (IPYL Gathering Participant)

A Few of the Benefits You'll Experience...

The Special 5-week Specific Intention Gathering provides these important benefits:

  1. Intensified satisfaction with current and future relationships
  2. Longstanding roadblocks to stronger relationships removed
  3. Personal strengthening to overcoming current and future relationship challenges
  4. Better communication
  5. Increased Passion
  6. Greater Intimacy

As I diminish your roadblocks, your relationships will deepen at home, at work, and with your love interests.

As you transform, you'll become stronger to more fulfilling relationships not only now, but continually in the future.

Reserve Your Place In Our Gathering NOW!

Spots will be limited to ensure ample time with the group and individuals. Don't Miss Out


Robert will share specific ways to remove limiters to the more fulfilling relationships you desire.

Spirituality of Success

My NEW handbook will show you how to make 3 crucial and immediate “Relationship Shifts”

How to ensure greater success in the future of your relationships by properly clearing space today

How to drop through your emotions to unlock greater relationship freedom

How to accelerate your transition to increased fulfillment right now by finding the right balance between what you control and what you allow



FREE River of Love Meditation

Receive Instant Access to Download one of Robert's Most Popular and Powerful Meditations

In this meditation, I guide you along a path for transformation that ushers in greater freedom and clarity for you to experience your best life right now. The most wonderful part of the journey is that it begins with a simple choice only you can make. After that choice, you’ll bask more and more in the flow of the river of love.



Empowerment Session

Akashic Record Session

Advancing Life through God's Inspirations Oracle Reading

After joining you'll have direct access to these discounts.

You'll also be able to access special downloads and other exclusive resources within your membership area.

Plus These Features

  • Access all of the programs online or over the phone easily
  • Group Sessions are recorded so you can review them again at your convenience.

"To anyone considering joining...I would truly recommend it!".

"Robert has an uncanny ability to tune into whatever the problem is and strengthen what needs to be strengthened. He provides compassionate, individual attention and the energy shifts are very noticeable."

"I'm in the 3rd month of the calls and have seen many positive changes in myself and also in my family members. One of the most wonderful changes is the improvement in the relationship I have with my oldest son. We are beginning to understand each other and become close again after years of not even being able to talk to each other without arguing. This is such a blessing."

"I am becoming stronger in myself and around others, and I'm finally, after many years of chronic illness, beginning to catch glimpses of the lighthearted person that I used to be! I look forward to the calls and to the many changes yet to come! "


Chicago Hts. Illinois (Gathering Participant)

"I have studied different modalities to clear energy blocks, and Robert’s work is by far the most effective."

"I have studied different modalities to clear energy blocks, and Robert’s work is by far the most effective."

"I have studied different modalities to clear energy blocks, and Robert’s work is by far the most effective. Robert is also committed to being accessible to his clients between scheduled sessions."

Terri Severin

(Gathering Participant)

Reserve Your Place In Our Gathering NOW!

Spots will be limited to ensure ample time with the group and individuals. Don't Miss Out


Unable to join this 5-Week Special Focus gathering, you may still join any of these upcoming offerings.

Weight and Body Reduction
April 13th, 20th, 27th, May 4th and 11th

Create and Enhance an Abundant Lifestyle
May 18th, 25th, June 1st, 8th, and 15th

  • Each gathering will spend 5 weeks on one area of your life so all participants receive maximum improvements in that area.
  • You'll see more specific improvements and receive more specific answers as you attend these 5-Week single area gatherings. Robert pays greater focus on deleting the limiting factors in each area during these gatherings.
  • PLUS, the group/individual aspect allows you to gain insights as we look at general situations and very specific individual ones each week.
Get Advance Notice about these gatherings before they start by opting in for more information below.

We'll contact you in advance of our next gathering and you'll have first access to acquire a spot in the next gathering.

We'll also send a few special offers and invitations to resources and exclusives similar to those found in this gathering program.

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