Allow Me to Guide You to a Greater Life of 'You'

I'm offering 3 special gifts to help you start enjoying the life you were sent here to live.

Gift #1

Free 10 minute 1-on-1 session with Robert valued at over $30.00

Answers to any life problem will be given and improved on in the session. Robert will pinpoint influences limiting and weakening your potential.

Gift #2

Download e-book God's Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul's Purposes.

Normally $5.99, its FREE today. Discover the ways God created for you to know more about your personal journey

Gift #3

Receive instant access to the first 3 chapters of my new book Allowing God.
These insights will inspire and renew the fire of love at the very center of your soul.

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Become the Expert of You

Thrive as a greater self-expert in all areas of life: relationships, career, removing stress,wellbeing, purpose and more. Become a greater expression of the real you.

Manifest the very best of who you are. Become a catalyst that helps others manifest who they really are as well.

Implement the exercises that keep you growing. Overcome the most challenging hurdles to lasting transformation including: continuous awareness, knowing the right actions to take & removing new roadblocks.

Training programs are listed below.

How are these different than the gatherings?

While you will become empowered by all gatherings, these teaching programs include more sessions so that attendees progress along a trained path from beginner to mastery level in all the areas mentioned above. These special programs teach you to become a self-expert to the extent that you continue to improve your potential and improve the potential of others on your own.


You've learned the divine formula for becoming who you were sent here to be. Now it's time to integrate that formula into your life.

  • Integrate the physical universe, you, your body, your mind, your imagination, your brain, and your physical intelligence, to improve your life.
  • Be more aware, more empowered, and have better insight.
  • Find relief by having more clarity and certainty of who you are, where you’re going, and why you matter.
  • Align Your Will and Divine Will for each of your desired future.
  • Experience life in a whole new realm of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Robert's 9-month Integration Program will guide you completely through this process.

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Module 1 – Physical
You will learn the basic foundation and application of the Yuen method directing you to regeneration, rejuvenation and less aging for the entire body. You will learn how to increase optimum fitness inside and outside of your body without working out, meditation or visualization

Module 2 – Mental
You will learn how to delete mental, emotional and psychological pain and stress associated with relationships, finances, work, children, family and other life problems. You will also learn how to strengthen your relationships, how to delete family disputes, resolve depression and eliminate stress and anxiety.

Module 3 – Spiritual
You will learn how to resolve and delete the effects of any negative spiritual experiences including those from your ancestors and family relating to trauma, curses, limitations, and illnesses, along with resolving any weakening effects from collective, cultural and religious influences.

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